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Who We Are

LOTI is an evolving body of work that explores creative textile manipulation and reuse, traditional Peruvian handicraft, and the humanity of clothesmaking to bring you effortlessly wearable garments that emphasize the (extra)ordinary beauty of everyday life.

At LOTI, we believe that less is more and slow is better. Our soulful, handmade pieces breathe new life into 100% premium all-natural Peruvian textiles that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

The textiles we use — cotton, alpaca, and merino wool — are intricately linked to Peruvian identity. Each one evokes a different story–a feeling of place. They have touched many hands and seen many suns.

The garments we create from these textiles are a collaboration and dialogue between those that tend the land, the land itself, the designers, makers, and of course, you. You–the wearer brave enough to bet on an imaginative system striving to exist.

Designer and founder, Lottie Bertello, is a Peruvian-American residing in Los Angeles, where she draws inspiration from vintage pieces her mother donned in the nineties, playful design details, the versatility of classic silhouettes, and the expression that memory and Latin-American identity take in an urban American city.