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AW'23 - WOOL PATCHWORK in tostada multi


made from premium leather scraps

made from premium leather scraps



Peru plays a central role in all significant decisions at LOTI. We source our core upcycled materials locally and collaborate with Peruvian talent across various aspects of our brand, from production and photography to styling and brand design. Peru is a proud and essential part of our brand DNA.

Our founder, Lottie, grew up in Lima and moved to the United States at the age of 15. Lima remains her home, where her family still resides. Beyond her work at LOTI, she also serves as the Textile Specialist for the Peruvian Government on the west coast of the USA. Her career path is deeply rooted in her Peruvian heritage, and she wouldn't have it any other way.


Our journey in upcycling has been a constant evolution, demanding ongoing care and lots of reflection. Initially, we focused on upcycling 100% cotton men's dress shirts from Goodwill outlets in Los Angeles, which sparked Lottie's passions and curiosity for upcycling. However, after two collections and thorough assessments of our textile waste reduction mission, we recognized the importance of local upcycling using textiles produced in Peru.

We were unwavering in our commitment to working exclusively with Nore's team, which led us to transition our production systems. This strategic move has allowed us to access some of the world's highest-quality textiles directly from textile factories, often overlooked sources of textile waste.

Yet, gaining the cooperation of these large textile factories proved challenging. It began with securing a meeting, where initial responses often included praise for our mission but concerns about their lack of waste management systems. Nonetheless, we are proud to acknowledge the following factories that have taken steps to collaborate with us:

- INCALPACA: Alpaca Wool
- BARRINGTON: Merino Wool
- MILANO BAGS: Leather
- CREDITEX: Pima Cotton

Their ongoing efforts strengthen our shared commitment to sustainable upcycling.


LOTI emerged during the pandemic when Lottie visited her family in Lima, becoming a reality through the collaboration of Lottie and Nore. Nore, the driving force behind LOTI, crafted its first prototypes in just a week, using fabric salvaged from disassembled men's shirts Lottie had brought from LA. LOTI's essence revolves around their partnership – Nore as the heart, and Lottie as the structural foundation.

Their journey involved mastering the art of working with textile scraps and surplus rolls, a task demanding meticulous preparation and innovative problem-solving. Every batch of upcycled textile waste presents unique challenges. Nore, supported by his wife, brother, and brother-in-law, takes charge of the development process. In small-scale production, he assumes the roles of both instructor and quality assessor, pioneering novel production methods for each piece. Consequently, our output is limited to small batches ranging from 3 to 20 pieces per style.

Additionally, we collaborate with Luz Chafloque, a seasoned seamstress and a close friend of Nore's, who brings her expertise to the table. Luz specializes in crafting silk pieces and most accessories, working from home to balance her responsibilities as a mother of two.



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